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Dogs in the Workplace

Furry friends are more than just companions. “Several studies and research have shown that dogs offer social support, are able to reduce stress, increase cognitive abilities and social interaction and counteract depression and anxiety in people” (The benefits of dogs in the office). Stress can decrease concentration and motivation, which in turn decreases ones productive work performance. Stress can also create a tense environment in the office which can lead to high volumes of absent/sick days and eventually burnout of employees.

A significant benefit of having dogs in the workplace/office is the frequent reminder of taking a quick break. For example, getting up to let the dog(s) outside. The brief moments that it takes to let the dogs outside allow time to pause and get some fresh air, a momentary mental break that is much needed throughout the day!

Dogs in the workplace improve morale in employees and employers. Most people are familiar with the saying, “laughter is contagious.” Dogs have a tendency to make people laugh and bring smiles to surrounding faces. Being in the presence of a dog will easily make you feel happier and pick your mood up if you’re having a “ruff” day.

Dogs in the workplace lower stress levels of employees, boost office morale, promotes productivity, and increase communication among employees. Dogs, and other pets in general, create an instantaneous shared interest which can lead to deeper conversations and facilitate team building/bonding.

More pet friendly workplaces are needed. The benefits speak/“bark” for themselves.


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